The work on this website does not necessarily refer to specific incidents – or to actual characters – but when such references do occur, they are identified. I use current newspaper photographs, and archival images, as sources. Often, I am thinking about actual events but I’m not tethered to them.
The border I crossed as a child, between New England and Ontario, Canada, visiting my grandmother and great aunts, going to camp, was a friendly marker. The border along the southern edge of the United States, generally speaking following the river known as the Rio Grande or the Rio Bravo, depending on where you are standing, has long been a contested area.
I call this group of paintings La Frontera, after the name of the region both north and south of the border for 100 miles (after the Gadsden Purchase in 1848 when frontier spaces became border spaces as Micheal Dear writes). I’ll just tell a few stories, indirectly, and maybe add some lightness to the arguments.
Dedicated to Rufino Tamayo’s paintings of dogs, to René Magritte who said “My painting has to resemble the world in order to evoke its mystery”, to the young woman from the little ranch in the Tijuana River Basin who led me through the scrub to the beach where we looked at the border fence marching into the ocean, to the two Border Patrolmen who let me look at the International Boundary Marker #1 outside El Paso.
As always, the opening lines of Paul Eluard’s poem “Juan Gris” define my mood:
By day give thinks by night beware
sweetness one half of the world
the other showed blind harshness
in the veins of a merciless present…
The “Nadja” images are digital prints on Epson heavy-duty Archival paper.
The watercolors are on Arches watercolor paper – cold-pressed 300 gsm. and Lanaquarelle handmade paper. “Carrier Birds” are oils or water-mixable oil on canvas. The border fence paintings are on canvas or cradled birch panels. In all of this work I sometimes use India ink, chalk, pastels and graphite.
I was born in New Haven, Connecticut and now live in Western Massachusetts with my husband Roswell Angier.

Teaching & Commissions

Design and drawing – Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston
Drawing Tutor – Eliot House, Harvard University, Cambridge, Ma.
Design and restoration work – Hurst Gallery, Cambridge, Ma.
Murals – private and public commissions
Illustrator – Peabody Museum, Harvard and Fusion Magazine, Boston

Grants & Residencies

Artists Foundation, Boston – grant for printing of poster by Acme Press of El Salvador, December 2, 1980
Residencies: Helene Wurlitzer Foundation, Taos, New Mexico
Karolyi Fondation, Vence, France


Mills College (with Ralph DuCasse), San Francisco Art Institute (Jay deFeo), Univ. of California at Berkeley (Elmer Bischoff) – BA Comp. Lit (English/French)